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UI Testing Qt/QML/QtQuick Apps with Spix

A UI testing and automation library for Qt/QML/QtQuick apps. You can use it to remote control and test your QtQuick based application. I started working on this mid-2019 and am maintaining the project ever since.

It has a bunch of nice features like using RPC calls to control the app, automatically finding buttons on screen and some other stuff… Check out its github readme for more infos:

Spix on GitHub


SerialMailer, I believe, is the best mass email software for macOS. It helps you protect your recipients privacy by not relying on cloud-hosted, external services to store your data, but rather sending and managing group mails and newsletters directly from your computer. Just like a normal email client! Personalized newsletters and bulk email campaigns can easily be created on your mac and sent out through a normal email account, but with automatically personalized messages and attachments.

Especially when sending mails with privacy relevant content (grades from schools, medical or financial data), having a tool that runs directly on your macOS computer can make things a lot easier.

FontConverter: Converting PostScript fonts to OpenType

FontConverter is a great tool for anyone who wants to convert their old PostScript Type 1 fonts into the OpenType format. This has become more and more important, since the old PostScript formats are no longer supported in a lot of modern Apps, or even in macOS. With FontConverter you can take your collection of PostScript fonts and make it usable again with those modern Apps.

Old Stuff

Some pics of really old stuff that I couldn’t bring myself to abandon when transitioning to a new website… 😉

A 3D modeller I built way back: Dimensioner / TriMo

Network Game for Linux: Netfight / Evil Triangle